Classic look, Modern drive : 2009 ERA Cobra 289 F.I.A.

     The sixties were a generation to remember. Not just in terms of cultural revolution, but in automotive advancements and development. The decade bred some of the most iconic cars in history. Cars that emanated a sense of nobility and a demand for respect, right from the start. 

     Jump forward to today, and you realize that those iconic beasts were made in low numbers. How does one go about enjoying those cars when running examples cost no less than six figures? Thats where replicas enter. One of the most popular replicas in this day and age is none other than the Shelby Cobra. All the styling cues are present, but when it comes to running gear everything is up to date. Not to mention the fact that the price of a completed replica is about ten percent of what a real model would cost.

     Being able to build the complete car from the ground up in your garage is one of the most alluring features of the replica kits. And that is exactly what Mike and his son did in 2009. They were able to create an icon in their garage, taking as much time as they needed to make sure all of the minute details were in order. The end result is a stunning road ready warrior thats sole purpose is to be driven and enjoyed. Just like the originals, but at a fraction of the cost. 

     Mike brought us his Cobra to tighten up a few odds and ends that would make it dead reliable and perform up to a standard that would make the original cars proud. Being one of the few shops in Colorado that can precisely set up and synchronize multiple carburetor setups, we were able to bring its running quality from satisfactory to near perfection. Which was the last step in the process. From everyone here at Concours Cars, thank you Mike. For trusting us with your pride and joy. Happy motoring!