Undeniable Sleeper : 400hp Audi S6

Bruce brought us this 1995.5 S6 with all of the Euro RS2 bits you can get for the 20v already installed. He wanted us to take it a step further and build this S6 into a solid daily driver, that also doubles as a speed demon. Before we tackled the power side of things, we refreshed and repaired a laundry list of items relating to drivability and convenience. Repairing gauges, replacing worn out control arms and various other odds and ends. Then it was time for the power build. We put together a comprehensive modern turbo kit thanks to EFI Express. This kit included a Borg Warner EFR ball bearing turbo, stainless dowpipe, larger injectors, uprated DW fuel pump, new stainless braided feed lines for coolant and oil supply, custom chip tune via EFI Express and a full stainless Stromung exhaust system. With this kit, the engine spools 25psi right at 3200rpm. You couldn't ask for a better setup on a street car. Still tame enough to drive every day, but when you want the power it's very much there in all its five cylinder glory.