Jaguar E Type Series II Restoration

As some of you know the Pebble Beach Concours d' elegance took place recently and we had a gentleman that was there and bought this very pretty Jaguar E Type. It had a noise in engine and gearbox. That is how these projects generally start. The fix for the engine rattle was to install tappet guide retainers. The gearbox has a noisy input shaft. Maybe a five speed in the future? In the mean time with put a vintage looking radio in, with all the modern hook up for an Ipod, with accompaning speakers. Next we went to the underside. The whole rear suspension needed to be dissambled and rebuilt. While we are at it, why not the front? Now the hardest part of all, the windscreen squirters. Some of you may scoff but those little bits took close to four hours and special tools!! Fishing welding wire and your index finger thru tiny holes and then trying to put it together, good luck. But yes we accomplished it by distorting time and space. Next we did a stero install. The trick to a vintage install is make it look period correct, hear it with the top down and plug in an iPod. The finished product looks pretty incredible.