Mercedes G63 5.5 Biturbo Exhaust System

Quicksilver is now producing an Active Sport Exhaust system for the Mercedes G63 5.5 Biturbo (W463 2012-17).  It is a remote valved system which can be easily switched on or off using the key fobs supplied.  In 'ON' position the vehicle remains relatively civilised allowing discretion when required. In 'OFF' position the system bypasses the silencer offering much more depth and crispness to enhance the driving experience whilst improving flow improving throttle response.  Quicksilver offers two versions of this system, one with their trademark QS Carbon Sleeved Tips, suitable for all standard models and their Integrated Slash Cut Tip option which is suitable for cars with aftermarket bodykits or ideal for customers who wish to add their own tips.

Also in the works for release in the near future are systems for the new BMW M3/M4, Mercedes-Benz C63 and C63 S W205, Porsche 991.2 GT3, and new Acura NSX.   Check back for updates on the release of these systems.