1955 Citroen Traction Avant

-Restored and Upgraded


1955 Citroen Traction Avant 11 BL

This Citroen has been completely restored and the engine upgraded while still appearing original - the best of both worlds. It looks wonderful with a commanding black exterior, grey velour interior, and powdercoated yellow wheels. The engine and transmission have been rebuilt, the brakes and cooling systems rebuilt and reconditioned, and everything attended to with the eye of a careful owner and restoration shop. 

The engine is the jewel of the car - it has been rebuilt and upgraded with a careful eye to maintaining the character of the original powerplant, but with more strength and flexibility. It has received custom Wiseco pistons a with higher compression ratio of 8.7:1. The camshaft was reground for slightly more valve lift. New valves were installed with larger diameter and consequently more flow. The carburetor was replaced with a better flowing and performing Weber, and the intake and exhaust manifolds were separated for better engine performance when hot. The flywheel was lightened by 10lbs from 30lbs down to 20lbs. The transaxle was completely gone through and rebuilt. While still being a 6 Volt system, it has been upgraded with a 6V alternator. The distributor is new and contains a Pertronix electronic ignition. 

This car starts, runs, and drives extremely well. The carburetor was dialed in with precision and the mixture was set up on an exhaust analyzer. It is responsive, shifts well and easily, brakes well, steers and handles well and is ready for any adventure or drive. Everything on the car works - the scuttle vent, the safari windshield, lights, etc. It has been gone through from stem to stern.

There are approximitely $50,000 in invoices from the mechanical restoration and upgrade alone (this doesn't include the purchase price or cosmetics and interior restoration!!). This is quite possibly, the best driving Citroen Traction Avant in the world. The ONLY reason that this Citroen is for sale is because the owner has two more that are getting identical mechanical upgrades, so that this third one isn't required anymore. 

A bargain at $36,000.